I think we need a tagging system for our files… I want to be able to find all files tagged with “tpsreport”…

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a walletYellow L
ysquared circle - from edward ruschar
BA undergroundSE

BEON,  Vancouver

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I updated my Spell with Flickr app. There is still a nasty IE bug where if you click to change a letter, it won’t change the copy-paste code more then once :(
but here is a cool new feature:

Pee!W3tile nD

MUCH easier posting of images, plus “always square” version option

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I might as well post while I’m still interested. I know I don’t be doing it for long.

I came home from work last night after a really tough day and I wanted to play with adding some JS to the spell with flickr thing. But everytime I rebooted my comptuer, it would start seizing up after about 5 minutes.

I realized that java wanted me to upgrade – really badly.
This is why I hate runing xp. I only have it on here to make my girlfriend’s life easier. In linux, you just kill anything misbehaving, os X doesn’t generally have such ugliness… but its par for the course for windows.

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So I wrote this app – Spell with Flickr around 2/22. Then I emailed it to waxy on the 13th. It took off from there… first the “mavens” found it, then the “connectors” :)

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Its all fixed now. For those who care here is what happened:
I was using caching by saving the xml output from flickr’s api. Then what SHOULD have happend is this, if there was a cache-hit, it was supposed to read from that file. WELL, as you may know – php’s file_get_contents allows you to read from a url as well as a local file… I didn’t notice that I was calling the API EVERY time. If the flickr staff wasn’t at etech and SXSW, they would have shut me down much sooner!

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I got an email from Stewart this morning (he wrote it last night while I slept). Saying that my api key was disabled – and lo – it was!
Turns out, something got b0rked or pw3nd or any other code you’d like to call it, and I was hitting flickr‘s servers about 50x/second – NOT GOOD.

I’m still looking into the problem. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

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Well, here it is

It got picked up by waxy, boingboing and few others. I have so far recieved 32, 000 hits today.

here is example output:

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