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  1. Dude, with 32,000 hits in a day, you gotta be crying that you don’t have Google adsense ads posted on that flickrWrds page. you would be raking in a few dollars to help pay your hosting costs.

  2. … I was *just* talking to someone about this. He is trying to convince me to put them on, and I just think they’re ugly…

  3. I came from mactopia here.

    The result artistically received stimulation.
    I think that it is widely open to the public and a lot of people put out, use the idea for the convenience, and there is significant a new technology.

    In that sense, I think that your site is wonderful.

    I’m sorry by this E-mail of me in English in the machine translation without

    Anyway, it is the cool. Thank you.

  4. Yes, it definitely “is the cool”. :)

    And I agree… Google ads are definitely ugly… until they start paying out… then they’re quite nice. :)

  5. You rule rule. I say seven much on the scale of seven.
    I just spent an hour toying with words/annoying others.

    Letters are needed in the word of organized spaces.

  6. пирва,тёлка!!!как ты???
    что тупо уставилась в монитор,научилась щёлкать мышкой????

  7. Spell with Flickr keeps giving me:

    XML error: junk after document element at line 1

    Error writing file ‘./db6-bin.010′ (Errcode: 28) (cluster: aux1_master)

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/html/www.flickr.com/include/dbconn.gne:175) in /var/www/html/www.flickr.com/include/lib_api_output_rest.gne on line 14


  8. Erik;

    I’m not exactly sure how I wound up there, but I found Flikr Words and found it to be truly cool. I put a link on my blog, as well as a link to your pledge form for the race. Good luck with that.


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