Running with someone else.

I was running around the lake today (google_run.php), and about half way through (well a bit more – my GPS lied today and lost about 1/10th of a mile!) I started jogging. It just so happened that someone was jogging just behind me at the same pace. Well he caught up and started asking me about Ellie (my flatcoated retriever). We ended up runing together for about half a mile at a good pace (about 9:30/mile). Wow, it just FLEW by! I really need to get a running buddy.

I couldn’t agree more!

Why *aren’t* more people talking about this?
if Paul Kedrosky is correct about the absence of VC funding and neopets (which I see everywhere) did all that growth on its own – this is truly remarkable!

Kids really are the future “consumers” of america.

Now all I need is an idea that kids can’t get enough of… How about a band of super heros that fight men dressed in garbage bags, I’ll call it “Ranger Power!”

It’s hard being a cynic.

Its hard being a cynic.
So John and I just finished a contest. It was who can do more pushups, situps, miles, squats and pounds lost in 15 days. I won, but hardly. But I learned a few things that I wanted to share.

  1. Consistant Action is key
  2. Never give up (I gave up a few times)
  3. You *CAN* do it… you just have to do it

I am not trying to be a motivational speaker here, but I really think that too much info is a bad thing when it comes to changing your body and life – if you spend all your time thinking and analyzing, you spend no time doing.

I am a cynic, and it is very hard for me to take advice from other people. Espically when it comes in a cheesy package. But doing this contest really showed me some things, and I am very happy I learned them.