Running with someone else.

I was running around the lake today (google_run.php), and about half way through (well a bit more – my GPS lied today and lost about 1/10th of a mile!) I started jogging. It just so happened that someone was jogging just behind me at the same pace. Well he caught up and started asking me about Ellie (my flatcoated retriever). We ended up runing together for about half a mile at a good pace (about 9:30/mile). Wow, it just FLEW by! I really need to get a running buddy.

2 thoughts on “Running with someone else.”

  1. Erik,
    This is very cool. Any way that you could package it as a plugin or something like that? I got an API key from Google but now that I have it, I really have no idea what to do with it! I’ve been doing 8km walks, and I was thinking I’d like to map my walks in the same way that you have done your running paths.

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