It has taken me almost 10 years to “get it”. Way back in 96-97, I started with ASP(Active Server Pages), on a project for PBI(Pacific Bell Internet), written by Silknet Software. It was a really nice piece of kit that did web-based customer service. They chose ASP, well, because it was the only choice.
The part I didn’t “get” until now was the first part of MVC(Model View Controller). Their seperation of logic and layout was non-existant, but they did have what they called “Business Objects” that were COM(Component Object Model), written mostly in C and VB. The gist of the story is this — I realized how powerful it is to have all your logic in one place that is clearly apart from ANY “day to day” logic. What made me realize this? “Rails”: and thinking about how difficult it is going to be to move to our new POS system at work. I need to start making objects :/

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Happyness is having a poor memory.

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I just watched most of the 3 part of “Guns Germs and Steel”: Based on the 1997 Jared Diamond book “by the same name”:
For the most part, I enjoyed it. I do agree with some of the negative reviews, They kept hammering the same points over and over again – each segment could have been 20, instead of 60, minutes long. The one question it left me with was this: If south africa has almost the same climate as the fertile cresent, why didn’t they end up with the same advantages as the Europeans?

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I’m addictied to “Cold Stone Creamery”:
Yesterday, it was a medium (sorry, “Love it” size) Super-cream (sweet-cream) with almonds, caramel and bananas. The day before it was a small (umm, “Like it” size), sweet cream with bananas, pineapple and strawberry. How, do you ask, can I justify spending over $10 in two days on ice-cream? I can’t – but what I can say is this – part of the appeal of starbucks is the choices you get to make. Much has been made of people’s need to control a small portion of their lives, and ordering a double-tall, half-caf, soy-milk, mocha-latte gives them that power. If this is true, then you’re freakin’ superman at Cold Stone. Here is their gimmick – you ask for a flavor, let’s say Vanilla (however, “Sweet-cream” is by far the best). They take two very cold metal spoon-a-tullas, and get a big hunk of ice-cream from the tub. They then proceed to put it on a large cold stone on the counter (right in front of you). What happens next you ask? Well, they then put your choice of wonderful IN the ice-cream. Snickers, Gummi Bears, Almonds, Bananas, Reese’s peanut butter cups, straight peanut butter… They integrate them by making a little bowl out of the ice-cream with their two spoon-a-tulas, then they put the glory in the bowl, then fold and smash the very cold concuction.
Other things they’ve borrowed from Starbucks:
* The counter, and “behind the counter” take up a large, integral part of the retail floor
* The renaming of normal things to make them special
* The self-identity you get from being a “Chocolate, brownie, strawberry”.

Here is how they differ:
* Choice. Starbucks gives you what, 4 or 5 base drinks with maybe 10 different variables. CSC(Cold Stone Creamery) gives you an order of magnitude more.
* Singing… when you tip them (This I could do without!)
* A “menu” to get you started – Starbucks sort of did this, but CSC takes it MUCH “further”:, on their wall you’ll find “recipies” – much like you did inside boxes of “Jelly Bellys”:

Is it pretenisous? Yes
Is it “just ice-cream”? probably
Is it great? You bet.
All-in-all a wonderful addiction.

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Welp, google has relased their Google Maps API. It’s VERY nice. The code to draw my runs has gone from about 230 lines, down to about 100. But logically, it’s MUCH better.

the only problem I’m hitting is this – before I was generating the polyline myself, so google just had to draw it. Now, however, there is a GPolyline object that draws lines for you – much easier to code for, MUCH slower.

I’m sure this is a solution, and I’ll post it here when I find it.




Turns out I was mostly being dumb. If I had red the example source more closely, I would have seen you can put the points in an array and throw that to GPolyline… duh!
Cleaner, and faster, what more can you ask for?

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I’m trying out k2.
Very cool look, and I’m going to go play with the options.


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