I must be dumb.

It has taken me almost 10 years to “get it”. Way back in 96-97, I started with ASP(Active Server Pages), on a project for PBI(Pacific Bell Internet), written by Silknet Software. It was a really nice piece of kit that did web-based customer service. They chose ASP, well, because it was the only choice.
The part I didn’t “get” until now was the first part of MVC(Model View Controller). Their seperation of logic and layout was non-existant, but they did have what they called “Business Objects” that were COM(Component Object Model), written mostly in C and VB. The gist of the story is this — I realized how powerful it is to have all your logic in one place that is clearly apart from ANY “day to day” logic. What made me realize this? “Rails”:http://rubyonrails.com and thinking about how difficult it is going to be to move to our new POS system at work. I need to start making objects :/