19 Mile bike ride

19 Mile bike ride

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Well – I went for my third ride today. I’m training for a 111 mile bike ride in november for the leukiema and lymphomia society. “Team in Training”:http://teamintraining.com/ anyone can join, and it’s not too late. Great cause, great way to get in better shape.
It was a tough ride towards the end – some of which I attribute to almost passing out from lack of fuel.

Six Feet Under

Well, it’s over.
I have liked this show since the first episode (the one with the creepy ads for undertaker supplies), and am VERY sad to see it go.

—————- Spoiler Warning —————–

I felt like Ted was a bit of Deus Ex Machinia – but other then that, I think Alan Ball did a great job of finishing it off. I had a feeling that he would do the white screen for everybody, so we’d know when they died. I didn’t expect them to show HOW each died. I thought it was a bit forced, but really touching.
Enough critisim – I LOVED the episode. I loved the show. I would like to buy them all on DVD and show my kids one day.
It also left me feeling like I was somehow special or lucky to have seen the whole series from start to finish – a feeling that was fleeting with CSI, and I did have when I watched all of Twin Peaks back to back on tape back in ’99 or so.

Thank you HBO, Thank you Alan Ball, and Thank you Cast, Crew, guest writters and guest directors for making one of the best television shows of all time.

Poor user interface

I’m installing Raphsody (it is free with comcast), and it has a really annoying UI element during installation. it was going along fine, until at 84%, it said “Downloading and installing components” and stuck there.
It seems to me that if it has taken about 1 minute to do what looks like 10% of a progress bar, the last 1/10th shouldn’t take an hour. If some sub elements are out of control of the main thread, launch new progress bars for those sub installers / downloaders.

Goals, and a new project!

If you are reading this in a feed reader, I am sorry, It will keep poping up as I make changes.
Now that I know a few people read this blog, I’m going to ask them all for a favor.
I am going to write down a list of my goals, and commit to a new project. If anyone reading this sees me slacking off, just let me know – Please.
* Happiness

I am happy most of the time, but I get really down sometimes, I’d like to do things to prevent this

* Fitness

I was doing “Crossfit”:http://crossfit.com for a while, but now that I don’t belong to a gym, it is hard
Time is (of course) my least flexible resource…
Discipline is tough for me

* Projects

I want to learn Ruby, then use Ruby on Rails to make a few ideas that have been bouncing around in my head

* A new (for me) car

I need a better way to get Ellie and my future bike around – I wanted to get a used element, but A) my credit is bad, and B) they are hard to find used. I think I will pick up an older Mini Van once my credit is a bit better.

* A house

This is a further goal – but again, it is mostly for Ellie (and future dogs!)

Now for the project announcement!
The *Things I eat* project
I am going to take pictures of everything I eat, and post them to “flickr”:http://flickr.com/groups/thingsieat. The point of this is to bring awareness to the things I’m eating, so I can make better descisions. As of right now, this project is new and exciting, so my first day is going to be awesome – good food choices, good portion control. But I know, that as I go on, I will slip – that is where I need people to give me a kick in the butt and get me back on track. John had a good idea – so I’ve also started a flickr group “Things I Eat” so anyone can join in the fun (both advice AND taking pictures of your own food).


Well, today is my birthday (turns out 8/10 is my birthday every year.)
No one called me at midnight, my g/f didn’t wish me a happy when I got back from the dog park, none of my friends at work have said anything.
It’s petty to be upset, but the only thing I want each year is to be remembered and acknowledged.
I am not where I wanted to be in life – I’m 28, I work in a job that doesn’t impact the world, I’m not a millionaire (I was supposed to be at 19 – NINE years ago).

I’m pretty down in the dumps today.
if it’s any consolation, it is a beautiful day today – all my family is alive and healthy and I am as well. And I have a dog.

Also, don’t spammers know its your birthday? I just want a day off from everything, work, the dog, the whole of life.

So, to review – happy for what I have, disappointed in myself for not having more.