Well, the Party’s over – the pity party that is.
Let’s take a look at what I have to be thankful for.
Health, Family, Friends, someone to share my home and life with, Pets, a good job… etc etc. I really have no right to complain!

Sorry about the last post.

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Well, today is my birthday (turns out 8/10 is my birthday every year.)
No one called me at midnight, my g/f didn’t wish me a happy when I got back from the dog park, none of my friends at work have said anything.
It’s petty to be upset, but the only thing I want each year is to be remembered and acknowledged.
I am not where I wanted to be in life – I’m 28, I work in a job that doesn’t impact the world, I’m not a millionaire (I was supposed to be at 19 – NINE years ago).

I’m pretty down in the dumps today.
if it’s any consolation, it is a beautiful day today – all my family is alive and healthy and I am as well. And I have a dog.

Also, don’t spammers know its your birthday? I just want a day off from everything, work, the dog, the whole of life.

So, to review – happy for what I have, disappointed in myself for not having more.

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