I’m installing Raphsody (it is free with comcast), and it has a really annoying UI element during installation. it was going along fine, until at 84%, it said “Downloading and installing components” and stuck there.
It seems to me that if it has taken about 1 minute to do what looks like 10% of a progress bar, the last 1/10th shouldn’t take an hour. If some sub elements are out of control of the main thread, launch new progress bars for those sub installers / downloaders.

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If you are reading this in a feed reader, I am sorry, It will keep poping up as I make changes.
Now that I know a few people read this blog, I’m going to ask them all for a favor.
I am going to write down a list of my goals, and commit to a new project. If anyone reading this sees me slacking off, just let me know – Please.
* Happiness

I am happy most of the time, but I get really down sometimes, I’d like to do things to prevent this

* Fitness

I was doing “Crossfit”:http://crossfit.com for a while, but now that I don’t belong to a gym, it is hard
Time is (of course) my least flexible resource…
Discipline is tough for me

* Projects

I want to learn Ruby, then use Ruby on Rails to make a few ideas that have been bouncing around in my head

* A new (for me) car

I need a better way to get Ellie and my future bike around – I wanted to get a used element, but A) my credit is bad, and B) they are hard to find used. I think I will pick up an older Mini Van once my credit is a bit better.

* A house

This is a further goal – but again, it is mostly for Ellie (and future dogs!)

Now for the project announcement!
The *Things I eat* project
I am going to take pictures of everything I eat, and post them to “flickr”:http://flickr.com/groups/thingsieat. The point of this is to bring awareness to the things I’m eating, so I can make better descisions. As of right now, this project is new and exciting, so my first day is going to be awesome – good food choices, good portion control. But I know, that as I go on, I will slip – that is where I need people to give me a kick in the butt and get me back on track. John had a good idea – so I’ve also started a flickr group “Things I Eat” so anyone can join in the fun (both advice AND taking pictures of your own food).

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