Well, it’s over.
I have liked this show since the first episode (the one with the creepy ads for undertaker supplies), and am VERY sad to see it go.

—————- Spoiler Warning —————–

I felt like Ted was a bit of Deus Ex Machinia – but other then that, I think Alan Ball did a great job of finishing it off. I had a feeling that he would do the white screen for everybody, so we’d know when they died. I didn’t expect them to show HOW each died. I thought it was a bit forced, but really touching.
Enough critisim – I LOVED the episode. I loved the show. I would like to buy them all on DVD and show my kids one day.
It also left me feeling like I was somehow special or lucky to have seen the whole series from start to finish – a feeling that was fleeting with CSI, and I did have when I watched all of Twin Peaks back to back on tape back in ’99 or so.

Thank you HBO, Thank you Alan Ball, and Thank you Cast, Crew, guest writters and guest directors for making one of the best television shows of all time.

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