“Midget” is now a curse word.

I was watching “Parental Control” (I won’t give it a link, it doesn’t deserve one.) In any event, in one episode, the girl’s boyfriend was pretty short (5’2″), but while talking about him, one of the other guys on a date said “So, what’s up with your *beep* boyfriend?”…. “What makes you think he’s a *beep*?” – then they said something about his height… I never knew that “midget” was a curse word!

Review of Tom Coates’ Future of Web Apps talk

A rip roaring good time.

Feb 26, 2006 by Erik Kastner Tom Coates Future of Web Apps talk

★★★★★ I just finished listening to Tom Coates’ presentation from the Future of Web Apps Summit from Carson Workshops. The way I experienced this presentation was via audio (provided by carson workshops) and slides (provided by Tom Coates himself). It gave me this very strange sense of being there for the talk itself. I can’t quite explain it, but I really felt like I was experiencing the talk first hand. Now that the shock of the experience is wearing off – I can talk about the content itself. Tom Coates is a guy who “Gets it”. He talked about clean urls, APIs, reusable (mashable) data, and other “2.0” concepts. I think all this stuff will really help me with a few projects I’m working on. Thank you to Carson Workshops and Tom Coates for making good stuff available to those who couldn’t get to (or know about) the London Summit.

Review: How we built Flickr

I went to “How we built Flickr”:http://carsonworkshops.com/dev/henderson/25AUG2005.html yesterday in the city.
It was “Cal Henderson”:http://flickr.com/people/bees speaking for 8 hours! I learned a whole lot about the right and wrong way to go about building a web app that would scale to “millions of users”:http://blog.flickr.com/flickrblog/2006/02/100000000th.html. Aside from it being a great workshop by Cal, Carson workshops put on a great event. Professional, but not stuffy. Informative, but not overkill. Great job by everyone.

The one thing I don’t get is, how did Cal talk for that long?!

Visualizing a fiery wheel.

I _love_ the designers (and programmers) over at “IconBuffet”:http://iconbuffet.com/. They recently released a dashboard widget, “ColorBurn”:http://www.firewheeldesign.com/widgets/, that has a new color palette each day.

They are having a “contest”:http://firewheeldesign.com/sparkplug/2006/February/a_colorburn_contest.php for a few more days to have the community give them some new and fresh color schemes

They way it works is this:

* come up with a color scheme of 4 colors
* take a picture of that scheme as boxes next to each other
* make a comment on the thread listing your colors, plus a link to your image
* profit.

I’m not going to come up with the next great color set, but I can make their dull view of a cool contest a bit cooler (with a little help from my friend greasemonkey):

Don’t like the black background? Click the link at the bottom to make the bg change to white.

Here is the script.


My Investment advice for 2006: “3. Invest in yourself. Do the things that can get you closer to your goals and dreams. It wont come from a brokerage commercial. It will come from preparing yourself ,  working hard and standing apart from your competition. You Inc is the best stock you can ever buy…if you are willing to do the work.”

(Via Blog Maverick.)

*WOW*. What clear advice. I don’t know if it’s “Right”, but I like it.