Visualizing a fiery wheel.

I _love_ the designers (and programmers) over at “IconBuffet”: They recently released a dashboard widget, “ColorBurn”:, that has a new color palette each day.

They are having a “contest”: for a few more days to have the community give them some new and fresh color schemes

They way it works is this:

* come up with a color scheme of 4 colors
* take a picture of that scheme as boxes next to each other
* make a comment on the thread listing your colors, plus a link to your image
* profit.

I’m not going to come up with the next great color set, but I can make their dull view of a cool contest a bit cooler (with a little help from my friend greasemonkey):

Don’t like the black background? Click the link at the bottom to make the bg change to white.

Here is the script.