Seth Godin has a large jacket problem.

Watch this now. I’ll wait.
You back? Ok.
I really “got” a lot of what Seth has to say. At parts I got the feeling that he’s the kind of guy that has an answer for everything, but great show he put on.

I met some of the “Squidoo”: guys as the “How we built Flickr”: seminar. They kept talking about this “Seth” guy. Now I see why they were so enamered.

Here is the stuff I really liked:
* Permission marketing. If people like what I do, why NOT be able to tell them about it
* Flipping the funnel – AWFUL name, but awesome idea. Get your die-hards to be your best marketers.
* Telling (selling) a story. I think that is part of why “Spell with Flickr”: was so popular.
* Not needing to be the FIRST one out there (but get out there long before it’s stale). Again, I didn’t make the best spelling tool, but mine is easy to use, and easy to pass around your creation.

So, all in all 8/10 stars.