Rails Conf: Delays, Scanning and glasses

Well, I’m at the airport surfing the web for the low, low price of $7.95. I knew I’d forget at least one thing, and we have our first winner: my Glasses! I’m not blind with out them (-1.0 in each eye), but they do help for projectors and night time (both types of situations I should be facing at RailsConf.)

I arrived at “Newark”:http://www.panynj.gov/CommutingTravel/airports/html/newarkliberty.html on-time, and made my way to the nice flat panel departure screens:
Only to notice that my flight is currently an hour late.

Then onto security. Where I find a new, funky looking machine:
!http://metaatem.net/wp-content/uploads/sentinel_2.jpg (Sentinel 2)!:http://trace.smithsdetection.com/products/Default.asp?Product=24&section=Facilities

It’s ODD to say the least. You stand inside this big box for about 25 seconds (WITH your shoes on.. damn I brought my flyin’ shoes). Then you get accosted with puffs of air from your hair down. Goooooo TSA!

(I found the image courtesy of “Accordion Guy”:http://accordionguy.blogware.com/blog/_archives/2005/10/18/1303200.html who has meet my friend the IonScan.)


oh well, c’est le vie.