“RailsConf”:http://www.railsconf.com/ doesn’t start until friday, but don’t tell everyone here that. There was a ton of laptops out with people showing each other stuff. I have to say that the general vibe here is *amazing*. Tons of cool people, everyone drinking the same Kool-Aid and lots of ENERGY!

I’ve already learned a lot of cool stuff. One thing is
require ‘active_support’
This gives you access to all kinds of neat Rails stuff from within ruby – without loading up script/console.

I’ve also meet a TON of cool people already. One guy’s whole job is to make proof of concept sites for his company while pitching to clients. What does he do with the apps when he’s done? Throw them out! Wow.

I’m enjoying the hotel room, my only beef is with the WiFi – it was OF COURSE over-extended.

More from the Conf tomorrow.

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