His rapid-fire delivery made it hard to keep good notes (plus I was laughing too much)


He started with a joke about Powerpoint

He went to visit the apple garage quite a few years back. His friend was amazed by how cold they must have been. Shaper delination between inside and outside in colder climates. A bunch of big time companies in the silicon valley started in garages. Jobs and Woz were marginal folks – hippies and dropouts. Their previous business venture was making and selling blue boxes – not only illegal but also unprofitable.

Poets and Painters – coders belong to this group.

h3. The Paradox: Great ideas come from the margin, but everyone (including the creators) look down on them

What kinds of ideas come from outsiders?

Can we encourage those ideas?

What would happen if the government wanted to write the great american novel? Nothing good. The writer would play it safe. He’d write about the Civil War. And it would toe the line about it being about slavery. Lots of diversity. I’d be a 900 page monstrosity that would take 9 years to write.

Don’t learn things from people that are bad at them.

I gave up a few minutes in. I didn’t want to miss anything. AWESOME keynote.

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