h3. Instant Rails 1.x and Instant Rails 2.x

Before I get started, let me first stay that I ended up in this panel by accident. I was talking to someone in the room when the panel started. So I wasn’t 100% into the talk, but it was pretty good.


“Chris Hibbs”:http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/onlamp/2005/06/09/rails_ajax.html?page=1 started in 1975 in asm on IBM mainframes. His big breakthrough came with “Macros”
84, 85, 89, lots off great stuff for users. In 1990 was smalltalk.
1993 was the first VB – and that was great for developers (I agree, as much as VB is derided, It is very good.)
In 1995 things got bigger.
’96 brought us Java things were better.
’95 is also the first Ruby release in japan.
’01, complex web apps
Complex Java frameworks came out to help. Ended up being MORE complex.
in 2000, Dave thomas and andy hunt found ruby and brought them to america.
In 2004, RoR came on the scene and showed us how much pain were in without even knowing it.
2005 – Instant Rails.
Gives you a FULLLL Rails stack, without installing anything. No registry changes or anything.
Even with apps – cookbook, typo, etc. Typo is a GREAT resource for reading source code (I’ve been getting started doing this).

h3. Problems with Instant Rails

* Only runs on Windows
* Old versions of apache 1.3 and mysql 4.1

The reason for all these problems: It’s a fork of EasyPHP.
Instant Rails 2.0 is going to be addressing all of these issues.

[Demo of running instant rails]

h3. Instant Rails 2.
based on XAMPP

* Total re-write
* Web based admin
* Cross Platform
* Apache 2
* MySQL 5

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  1. Hopefully, Chris will not use Xampp as it is the most top heavy of the windows LAMP papackages and most of the accessories cannot be turned off. Wampserver5 is a better alternative.

    Also I hope this happens soon because the Apache 1.3 bugs like ScriptInterpreterSource “Registry” are driving me crazy.

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