One of the coolest things about this panel is that I was sitting next to “DHH”:
Even cooler – he released Rails 1.1.2 sitting next to me :)



Vitruvian man – DaVinci’s famous drawing of a man in a circle in a square. Described by the “first architect” Vitruvious – an ancient Greek.

h3. The Three Laws of architecture via. Vitrivus and why they apply to software.

* Firmitas
“Firmness”, strength, durabililty, etc.
* Utilitas
Utility – fitness for a given purpose.
* Venustas
“delight” / beauty or grace.

h3. Firmatias

Firmness doesn’t mean rigidity. Buildings and software need to be flexible as well as strong.
h4. Working with designers

* Templates first
* Mockups directory
* Tight loops
* Talk first

Then start testing

def test_bar_markup
get :bar

He made sure that it always validated.

h3. Utilitas

An example from IconBuffet. Using ajax (rjs) to make a much nicer experience for the buyer.
Fitness for a purpose – here’s an example of a church site done in Rails – Jacob’s Well.

h3. Venustas

Delight or Beauty
Our Apps should be physically beautiful (urls, design, ui, etc), but as developers we should have beautiful code.
Showing blinksale stuff

Out of Battery :(

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