aka. “Some things I learned when trying to build my program up toward a DRY domain-specific language”

Short version: Very very dense talk, but great stuff. I think I’ll grok it at a later date.



h3. Bottom-up Design

“It’s OK to look like a fool.” – Paul Graham from yesterday. That was on a slide – AGILE!

h3. “What I wanted”

His goal was to have a DSL inside of rails that allowed him to do thigs like
@current_user.has_role? “moderator”@, etc.

h3. Our Tour

* Authorization DSL
* Objects classes and singletons
* Authorization Plugin
* Identity Plugin

def secret_info
permit "(matz or dhh) and interested in Answers" do
render :text => "Then Answer of Life = 42"

h4. How do we “permit”

insert class method “permit”. Needs to filter all instance methods, before_filter is similiar (so it’s a clue)
insert instance method “permit”

In the init.rb – send include into actioncontrolelr::base_send and actionview::base.send
(I need to get these slides, they are DENSE. They will be online.)

h4. How do we do this?

Insert class method which insert required methods



Then for authorizable, it’s kind of the same thing.

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  1. Thanks for the Comment Bill! You had a lot to get through in that panel, but it was all very very interesting. I like the concept of molding Rails, and by extension Ruby to do your bidding with a DSL, instead of just doing what is “normal”. I think that was one of the biggest mental lessons for me this weekend – Rails (and Ruby) is not set in stone, I can make it work for me! Thanks for helping me get there mentally.

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