RailsConf Panel: Universal design

h3. What is universal design?

Getting your design to the WIDEST range possible as is viable in busines

h4. Accessiblity is for

* people with disabilities
* sensory
* motor
* cognitive

h4. people with technical or cultural disadvantages

* Old computers or slow internet connections
* English as a second language

h4. Accessible tech

h4. Nielsen in usability engineering cites 5 factors:

* Learnablity
* Efficiency
* memoraiblity
* errors
* satisfaction

h4. Epicenter design

* 37signals
“Start from the core of the page”
* Microsoft

h4. Steve Krug’s Trunk test

If I took a user out of a trunk, will they understand it?

* What site is this
* What is this site for
* …4 more

h4. Tog’s First principals

Fitt’s law – the closer and bigger the target is, the easier it is to hit.

h3. Why is Accesibility important

* laws
* by 2020 estimates are 40 million americans will have a visual disabillity

h3. How do we accomodate users?

* Sensory – Standars XHTML+CSS. Transcriptions of podcasts and movies
* Motor – assistive hardare
* Cognitive – not much we can do.
* Cultural – page optimization, alt text (if they turn off images), etc. / standardized access keys etc.