“Laszlo on Rails”:http://wiki.openlaszlo.org/Laszlo_On_Rails


OpenLaszlo is blurring the line between desktop and web apps.
On the internet today, there is a movement towards a better look, feel and more interactivity.
Pimp my site (mypace, et. al).

Brookers from youtube demo :)

Web apps need Sex, Drugs and rock and roll which is a fun way of saying Pretty, Immersive and Rich.

Pandora is written in Laszlo.

Lzx is laszlo’s language. Kind of like XUL for Mozilla. It uses declarative XML.

Can I edit lzx in my favorite editor?

h4. Databinding

XML, even with remote http. Uses XPATH to access nodes and collections.

(And now a group hug for those of us who hate flash)

There is also a DHTML runtime, so you don’t have to worry about flash.


Demo of LZPics – a Flickr viewer in DHTML by way of Laszlo. Very cool and responsive.


BlogBoxes are a way to give users a widget to take with them – to MySpace or wherever!

Not all roses – resources, searching and others aren’t the best. But there is a accessibility API.

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