5 thingz u didnt no bout me

Dr Nic hit me up with the 5 things meme that’s been floating around for a few months now. It’s one of those parties you think is totally lame until you get your invitation. Without further Ado, I thee blog:

  1. I lived in my car for a few months.
    While I was in San Francisco, I was homeless, but had my car (An Isuzu Rodeo). Each night, I’d drive to the top of a hill near where I had stayed previously, prop up a sheet around all my windows so the cops wouldn’t look in, and sleep on the futon I had brought with me. It’s not as glamours as it sounds.
  2. I got evicted once.
    After a long and strange series of events, I found myself moving back to SF after having moved back to New Jersey with an interesting character. Turns out we didn’t get far because:
  3. I dated a crack-head
    I didn’t know it at the time, but on the road to SF, she started having withdrawal symptoms (from heroin, not crack) and we had to come back (she told me it was the Flu). Another time she stole all our rent money to buy crack.
  4. I can pop my shoulder out of it’s joint—almost to the point of dislocation.
    I decided that this one shouldn’t be about some of the strange happenings in my life… It’s just a trick I can do, and I have a few others. Ask me to demonstrate if you see me.
  5. My Isuzu Rodeo was taken by the city of San Francisco.
    So, while working at Pacific Bell Internet, I didn’t like parking in the faraway lot each day. I’d plop my car in front of 303 2nd ave and invariably get a ticket each afternoon (sometimes even two, score!) I thought, “I’m sure no one’s tracking this – I have out of state plates!” I was wrong. One day, I came out of work to find the spot I had parked in that morning taken by someone else. I thought my car was stolen—turns out the city took it as “Payment.”

Are we done already? I have a few more stories… oh well – next time.
Just to CYA, one of these might be made up :)

I hereby infect:
John K.
Amy Hoy
Chris Wanstrath
Phil Hagelberg
Dan Benjamin

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  1. Well, this a very old post, but I just had to say…. OMG! I was laughing but I think I shouldn’t have been. {=[ I like how one leads to the other… because…. I dated a crack head – LOL (again I don’t think I should laugh at that)

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