Restoring XEN DomU’s in debian etch

I ran into a small problem with xendomain saving and restoring domains on shutdown. It turns out the obscure unix command
cut was to blame.

the way that /etc/init.d/xendomains reads from xm list is to use this cut command:

cut -c0-19

I got it to work by changing that to

cut -f1 -d' '

and replace the $rest with

cut -f2- -d' '

Hope this helps someone (even if it’s just me in the future!)

One thought on “Restoring XEN DomU’s in debian etch”

  1. Thanks a lot! That’s exactly what I was looking for. Do you know why this still isn’t fixed in Debian Repositories?
    Does not everybody have this problem?

    What does this fix exactly? Never heard of “cut” before.


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