BravoNation bookmarklet

Andy at waxy was kind enough to invite me to Bravo Nation — A site for web-based achievements (kinda like iminlikewithyou meets xbox). After playing with their un-finished drawing tool, I wanted a way to do more with it

Since I fancy myself a hacker, I made a bookmarklet to overlay an image and draw behind it.

I grossly underestimated this task! I won’t bore you with the details (email me if you wanna discuss it: kastner@gmail), but long story short: “It works for me!”

Here’s the bookmarklet code:

Here’s something I made with it: Weighted Companion Cube

Here’s a video of me using it (double click to lock the image):

My Bookmarklet for BravoNation from kastner on Vimeo.

Here’s an image I made on Ze Frank’s Scribbler:
I've made a note here: "Huge Success"