My goals for 2008

It’s February 1st 2008 and this is going to serve as my list of yearly goals. I’m going to review these periodically throughout the year, and have a followup next February.

  1. Finish this blog post
  2. Be the best father and husband I can be
  3. “Ship” 10 projects
    • 1+ on Amazon’s cloud
    • 1+ with a new-to-me language (Smalltalk, Io, Python, etc)
  4. Drop 20lbs of fat

7 thoughts on “My goals for 2008”

  1. @kastner:

    Having a few *focused* (yet personal value-aligned) goals should really help. Make sure to remind yourself of them daily and weigh potential tasks against these values statements.

    My problem (and I imagine you suffer as well) is that I usually have way too many thoughts/ideas of things to work on. I also have a tendency to want to help others. This is a greatest weakness/greatest strength kind of thing.

    Anyhow, I have similar goals to yours and I wish you a productive 2008.

  2. Whaha, the first point is so true! I’m a bit of a fanatic blogger myself and I always have trouble to finish the post a started. I think it is because of the fact that i’m easily distracted…

    Great looking blog btw!

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