6 thoughts on “An update to the Image Hiding toy”

  1. Thanks for the comment. I have to disagree with you however.
    1) I’m not asking for donations, it’s a donation button.
    2) CSS3 is working – the part I did was to recognize that it would be possible to hide an image with it. Then wrote the code to do that
    3) it’s not just for that toy, it’s for all the stuff I’ve made throughout the years.

    Sorry you don’t agree with asking for people with extra in life to drop a little coin on something they enjoy.

  2. Hi Erik. I just donated to your unethical and obviously evil scheme to pander money in the name of EC2. :)

    Now, my quesion is, is there some sort of subtext in your demonstrations here: http://metaatem.net/selcolor.php ? Deceleration of independence and a hidden Google. It’s enough to keep me up at nights. :)

  3. This is very cool! Both the code and the source code.

    It fits really well with this game that I’m working on;

    so . . .I have posted an example rendering (jazzed up a bit)
    at http://www.spaceminnow.com/wheres-the-fishy and have given
    you credit and some kudos both on the page and in the hidden
    comment code. I hope this is okay!

    (sometimes free advertising can be better than a donation)

  4. Am I missing something… the image output was much larger than the original; I attempted to resize using the code supplied with the image using CSS styling, but it didn’t work.

    What do you recommend?

    Thanks much,

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