Learning Processing

Processing is a really cool language / environment for doing really cool programming projects. One of the things it does really well is graphics. I’ve been playing around with it on and off for a little while now, and here are two things I’ve managed to make.

Video Offset

Video offset in processing from kastner on Vimeo.

This was inspired by Run Lola Run on the IAC wall. Mine isn’t a million miles wide, but I really love the cool effects and patterns I get.

Here’s a link to the code for it. The hardest part was translating the video input from a one-dimensional array, to a 2d one.

Falling Balls

Balls falling in processing from kastner on Vimeo.

This was inspired by a few things – one of which was Mark Chadwick’sGraffiti Particles. Mine isn’t anywhere near his, but I think I kinda understand how he’s doing the camera (maybe?).

Here’s a link to the code for this one. The hardest part was realizing that I needed to push and pop the matrix INSIDE the loop!

I’m just getting started with processing, but looking at some of the things out there it reminds me of sitting at home watching the amazing stuff coming out of the Demoscene and feeling simultaneously inspired and crushed. This is my chance to make great computer graphics, and as long as I have time here and there to work on it, that’s just what I intend to do!