Project #2 – Color Wars 2008

Continuing my goals for 2008, here’s my second project I’m announcing:

Color Wars 2008!

When I heard that Ze Frank had joined twitter, I just knew it would be cool.
One day, he asked for bedtime stories. Then he made mention that he’d like to find a way to show all the cool ones he was getting to everyone else. (here’s where I come in) I direct messaged Ze (he re-followed almost everyone), asking if he needed any help with the bedtime stuff.

He said sure, and the @bedtime script was born.

A few days later, he posted this tweet:
Good Morning! As you can see, I am now a member of the blue team

And then:

what team are you on

And since I had just helped him out on the bedtime, he asked if I wanted to be part of this “thing” (whatever it was!). Of course I said no… YEA RIGHT!

Color Wars is running Rails, WordPress and come custom git magic. One of the other awesome things about this project is who else I’ve gotten to help at various parts:

This has been a very awesome experience, I’ve learned tons, and had some really cool conversations about really strange things :)