My Railsconf Talk

I just gave my first-ever presentation. From what I’ve been told, it went ok despite running 15 minutes short.

I’ve uploaded the code to the microapp I demonstrated here:
Jeff4Good on GitHub

I’ve uploaded my slides on Slideshare

Here they are on S3: Microapps.pdf (3.4 MB)

If you were at my talk, please let me know what you thought about it. Especially if you have any constructive criticism (just no cricket sounds please).

Here it is embeded:

11 thoughts on “My Railsconf Talk”

  1. It was the most laid-back talk I’ve been to. Kinda freeform, but you did a good job. Amy took over when you ran out of slides, which was funny.

    I think a lot of the people missed the whole point of microapps in the first place. For me, seeing your Sinatra examples gave me the starting point to actually tinker a bit and give it another whirl. For a former developer who still hacks from time to time, this could be a sweet way to get my fix without investing a ton of time or energy. Thanks.

  2. I actually thought it was refreshing that you didn’t fill all the time. Maybe lasting a bit longer would be better, but I was a little tired of sessions that claimed they would allow time for questions and then kind of prattle on and on and on repeating the same the same things. Heck, your talk was starting to feel a bit like a BarCamp talk. I like BarCamp!

  3. Firstly, I saw the running 15 minutes short as a good thing, far from a bad thing. It was about perfect, providing time for people to ask you questions… which they did. Secondly, if the crowd of people who came up to speak with you afterward was any indication of how much interest you generated by the talk, then I’d say you did pretty well.

  4. Dood – your talk was my favorite talk of the whole conference… Seriously. I really like how you define microapps (basically get it done in one sitting)… I’ve been jacking around with sinatra and flickr api and have already learned a bunch…

    This was one talk that was not only interesting, but more importantly, one that I walk away and can do something with.

    THank You!

  5. Your talk was great. I liked it the most because it was very laid back, it felt more like one hacker showing other hackers something really cool. After the talk, I went home and downloaded Sinatra and started to play around with it and git-wiki (written in Sinatra). I’m planning on taking a day this month to hack up my own microapp in Sinatra and then maybe another one in Merb.

  6. Any suggestions for where to host these apps? Finding places to host ruby or rails stuff isn’t always easy, and managing your own server can be kind of hard (and seems anithetical to the micro-apps spirit) and/or expensive.

  7. Woah… check out my blog with the awesome comments!

    A few things
    * I’m really glad it went short and was so informal. I often feel like presenters are presenting the “One True Way”. I’m hoping I just presented “One possible way”.
    * Hosting microapps currently sucks. I’m thinking of a possible way to rectify that. Stay tuned :)

    And to those that said it was one of, or possibly their main favorite of the conf
    THANK YOU… you’re too kind

  8. Late late late, but @cory: DreamHost has mod_rails support, which means it’s just upload-and-go.

    They’re also not down / offline as everyone says they are. Only been down ~15 minutes this month. :3 Rails hosting there has been pretty good to me so far for the price. Perfect for small, not-resource-intensive apps.

    Use this promo code and you’ll get 2 free domain registrations to get you up and running. The code is: easy_microapp

  9. Erik, the slides are no longer on Slideshare. Could you edit the post and add a link to the PDF somewhere permanent? I’d really like to see the slides. :-)

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