On August 18th, I’m going to be teaching an intermediate/advanced 4 day rails course with David A. Black in Edison, NJ. If you know enough Rails to be dangerous, sign up and we’ll make you deadly.


Visit RubyPal for more information and to sign up today!


In a previous life, I was very heavily into Martial Arts – TaeKwonDo mostly. From the ages of 12-18, I taught almost every day. Young, old, strong, weak, I trained them all. While there is a lot about the martial arts industry I don’t miss – teaching isn’t one of them.

Now I’m being given an oppertunity to get back to teaching. Not only that, it’s teaching something I’m passionate about, and am good at!


If you sign up (at RubyPal), you WILL learn, and you WILL have a good time.

Use rails at work? Get your boss to send you. Work for yourself? Write it off. Already an expert in Rails? Come heckle me ;)


Without this great community, I wouldn’t even be in this position, hopefully, one of my students will be the next “Rails Rockstar” and I can give back to all the awesome people I’ve met over the past 3 years.

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