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Some goals I’ve ignored, some I’ve forgotten, but one that keeps popping back in my head from the post I made in February of this year is releasing 10 projects. Instead of doing my own stuff, I’ve been doing a good amount of paid client work – which is a departure for me. I have found some time for little things here and there, but nothing worth writing home about.

Well that changed last night. My friend Bruce IM’d me about a micro app he wanted to make on the fast.

It turns out that Bruce is one of 200 people who is hanging with Obama tonight for the election results.

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He wanted to make a scrolling tweet-viewer, twistori style to show his and Damon‘s (who is going with him) tweets related to the event.

So, we hacked a bit, and Damon (who is going with him) jumped in and we launched a few hours ago:!

Tweet Row to History
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

If you’re interested in the code, check it out on github