New Theme, new day

I have a new theme!

After migrating my blog to a different corner of my server, I forgot to put my theme back (A custom version of K2). I’ve also had this grand plan for a while to make the theme of my dreams.

Instead of just waiting around for me to “find some time” (not going to happen), I decided to bite the bullet and use someone else’s theme.

The theme is Rusty Grunge from Chris Wallace.

I love the theme, and how easy WordPress made it for me to get everything set up the way I wanted. However, this is how happy I am about needing to use someone else’s code:
long hair

2 thoughts on “New Theme, new day”

  1. Thank you for Spell with Flickr. I teach ESL and it will be fun to use it with my students. When I saw your question, “What was your first language, I got excited and thought you were a langauge teacher!” Anyway thank you for sharing. Thank you! My blog on teaching ESL is

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