Why Summer School Rocked

I almost stayed back a year in high school.

There was a very good reason… One I can’t fault the administration for: I didn’t do any homework. My mom tried (bless her heart did she try… and try…. and TRY). Nothing worked. I just found it all so boring and pointless.

I wasn’t one of those overachievers that went to Summer School to get ahead

I went because I had to. I fought so hard and made life hell before I got there. What I realized after a week or so was that I was having a great time. I always had my work done. Finished everything first. Was engaged… a star.

What happened?

Was it that the work was a bit easier than “normal” school? I doubt it.
How about knowing that my butt was on the line, and it was this or repeat a grade. Not likely.
Super amazing teacher? Nope (she was good, don’t get me wrong).

The power of focus

Surprise, surprise, I have ADD. Old school, missing the “H”, honest-to-goodness ADD. What made me a star at summer school was that it was ONE class, with one subject for a stretch. I could put the weight of my mind on a single problem at a time and focus till it was done. No distractions from other subjects… No getting overwhelmed by the crush of homework from everything else.

So what?

By now, you dear reader, may be asking, “So what? Why do I care? How does this help ME”. Here’s how:

ADD, ADHD, Aspergers or just plain lazy, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We’re in the age of GETTING THINGS DONE, with action lists, next items and TO-DOs. If you can isolate one thing at time, and here’s the key, block out everything else. Ignore the rest of it, you’re much more likely to get it done, and feel a whole lot better in the process.


Let me know what you think. Leave a comment, or just tell me on twitter… You don’t need a whole new TO-DO here. Just “@kastner You’re so wrong it hurts”, or “@kastner I was stuck in the bathroom at summer school… the entire time. (my zipper got stuck)”

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