Tiny Goals

In the coming days, I’ll be talking a lot more about goals and goal-setting (it is almost a new kastner-year), but right now I want to talk about a tiny goal I just set.

3 more feed items

Google Reader (43)

Only 3 items left and I’m down to 40 unread items (for those of you who would rather go shopping). I’ve been whittling this down for a little while now, and I’m getting very close. The problem is that I’ve long since blown through the “easy” items like Flickr photos, Makezine posts and Dropbox event notices. All I’m left with is great content by awesome people that I really want to savour.

Why this? Why now? Why only 3?

I should be in bed, working on stuff that matters or even knitting. But I’m staying up and reading these 3 items (actually, right now I’m writing about reading them, but when you read this, I’ll be long done – hopefully with both the writing AND the reading).

Some people even think reading feeds is a total waste of time. Even if I agreed (which I don’t, more on that later), I’d still want to hit this goal. I need a win right now. Any win will do. By hitting this, I get to go to bed knowing I accomplished something (no matter how trivial), and I reinforce the belief that I can set, and achieve goals.

As for why 3… well why not? I know how meaty each item I have left is, and 3 gets me to a nice round number.

Finally, a small request…

stop making cool stuff