February 2009 Goals

I’m going to approach my goals for this year a little differently than last year

Month by Month

The plan for this year is simple. S.M.A.R.T. goals. Each Month.

Day by Day

Even more importantly, I’m going to remind myself of my goals several times each day. A concept I was sure I came up with all on my own, until I noticed Damon Clinkscales‘s comment on my post from last year.

So how am I going to do this day by day stuff? With Magic Computer Voodoo™. I’m going to put my goals on my iPhone’s background image. Each time I look at them I’m going to see if I’m working towards them.

But First… a Look Back

Let’s see how I did with last years goals (which I didn’t look at until now):

  1. Finish the blog post
    This was a gimme. A quick one to get one and done. And I did that. Didn’t really build the confidence I was hoping for.
  2. Be the best father and husband I can be
    I think I did alright on this one. 50% at least.
  3. Ship 10 projects
    Not so great on this one. Let’s see:

    1. Highlite
      This was actually launched on EC2.
    2. Color Wars 2008

      (Color Wars 2009 coming in april!)
    3. elastic css textmate bundle
    4. Obama FTW!
    5. Flickr Tickler
      I haven’t written this one up yet, I actually haven’t promoted it much at all yet. It’s a Flickr viewing interface that uses your keyboard and has “infinite” scrolling. This is launched on Google’s App Engine.

    So, 5/10… again 50%

  4. Drop 20lbs of Fat
    Wow. Did I ever mess this one up? I had mistakenly thought the goal was to gain 20lbs of fat. Which I did. And then some. I Rule.

New Goals

I have some overarching goals for 2009 and beyond, but I’m going to focus just on this month for now.

Here they are:

  1. Gain 10% more RSS subscribers
  2. Gain 10% more twitter followers
  3. get to 1500 rank in reversi on Yahoo! Games
  4. Put Danika to bed as many nights as possible
  5. 10 blog posts

10% More with RSS and Twitter

These are purely ego based and not useful to anyone but me. For too long, I’ve been blasé about the brand that is “Erik Kastner”. I’m going to try and work on that a little bit. And while it doesn’t matter how many followers or subscribers I have, it acts as a proxy for the real goal.

As of today, I have 765 following on twitter and 353 subscribed here. For those of us how hate mental math, that means I want to have (at the peak) 842 followers and 389 subscribers.

1500 Rank in Yahoo! Games Reversi

I used to play a lot of Reversi (Othello) around 2000. I picked it back up a few months ago (thanks iPhone!), and I’ve found it has changed how I approach all kinds of problems. It gets me in the mindset to think ahead a few moves, while still keeping options open. It also makes me insanely happy.

Put Danika to Bed as Much as Possible

My favorite new habit is helping Amy with Danika’s bath, then putting her to bed. The wrinkle is that sometimes I get home too late. By making this my #1 priority, I’m going to keep it in my mind and get home as much as possible.

10 Blog Posts

Since the first of the year, I’ve been blogging a lot more, both in frequency and content. I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying doing this again. This also happens to be the 4th year of Meta | ateM, as good a time as any to really get back into it.

The Image!


3 thoughts on “February 2009 Goals”

  1. Congratulations on 50% :) You’ve inspired me to adopt one of your goals: putting my daughter to bed as much as possible!

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