On Cheerleading and Critics

Alex Payne recently blogged about Criticism, Cheerleading, and Negativity. It is unsurprisingly lucid, well-thought out and well-spoken. I also think it’s missing a large piece. That piece is the voice of one of his “cheerleaders.” I’m going to fill that hole.

But First…

Having a kid, of course, makes one an expert on all subjects. So before, I provide the missing viewpoint in Alex’s piece, I wanted to agree and expand on what he said.

Twitter   Erik f. Kastner  Hunger is the Arbiter of Taste

When you’re young, your range of experience is so limited that everything is vaguely good. As are exposed to more and more, that continuum expands, and you can place things relative to one another according to your personal taste. This is similar to what Alex is saying, stated differently.

The other thing (which is neither here nor there,) is that if you’re starving, anything will taste good. It’s difficult if not impossible to be discerning when you NEED to eat.

The Missing Link (I swear I just shaved)

I am one of the cheerleaders that Alex mentions. I can fall in love with almost any pop song, playing it on repeat until people around me revolt. I have the ability to turn off that critical part of my mind (for some things) and just be entertained. This also applies to people, computer languages, movies… all kinds of stuff. Does this mean I have no taste? Maybe, but I don’t think so. If I had to, I could tell you why Billy Joel might not be the greatest artist of all time, but I’d rather enjoy him (I celebrate his entire catalog.)

Do I get burned? Sure sometimes… Do I miss out on chances to expand my palette? Yea, probably. But not as much as you might expect. I see a wide range of movies. I listen to just about every kind of music. The only place this has bit me is food – and I’m willing to bet that’s just my stubbornness :)