Between Kellan’s Post and my own exploration in native app sniffing (which I’ll talk more about in an upcoming post), I found myself using Pinterest quite a bit. And as I found stuff I wanted to pin, I kept right-clicking on images and expecting a “Pin it!” button to pop up. Which it never did. So, instead of complaining (or even looking too hard, what’s the fun in that?), I wrote it.

Try it out

Here’s my extension: Pin it!. It’s really really simple. All it does is add an action to the context menu for images you find on the internet. Once you hit it, it pops up Pinterest’s awesome bookmarklet adding screen so you can pick what board to put it on and off you go.

Make your own

I’ve put the code up on github. Please go hack it. Or better yet, make your own Chrome extension that scratches your own itch. The only way we can own the future is to create it ourselves.

(No, seriously, go make your own, the code that isn’t boilerplate in this project is about 10 lines long…. check it out)

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First a disclaimer: I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but figuring this out allowed me to get the behavior I wanted, so I’m posting it here in case it helps someone out!

At Etsy, we’re doing our best to be active participants in open source software. As such, we have a github organization account: and an active engineering blog

We’ve got everyone at etsy (who is on github… and srsly, who ISN’T?) in one “Team” under the organization. Now, I’m not sure if all messages for all projects are going to some blackhole we’ve set up, or if they don’t come at all, but the end result was that I wasn’t seeing pull requests and issue notifications for projects I wanted to (like deployinator, statsd, etc.).

Here’s how I took care of it: I made a team per project, named after the project and added myself to that team. I attached the project to that team. Here’s what it looks like:

Teams for projects on github

Now I get emails for all the stuff I care about!

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I’ve been to SXSW once before. The year was 2008; the outcome was a mixed-bag. I met some amazing people, got to hang out with other amazing folks I already knew and learned a whole lot. The flip-side was that, between being sick (you’re supposed to get sick *after* sxsw, not before!) and rooming with Gary Vaynerchuk (he. is. a. machine!), I was totally overwhelmed.

I was so exhausted that I didn’t even consider going in ’09 and ’10!

This year is going to be a *bit* different however. I’m on my way to Austin right now. Here’s what the next few days are going to look like:

* Shorter trip — I’m just going until Monday night
* Presenting at Etsy’s Mini-conference!
* Presenting at Worst Website Ever II

Those last two points warrant a bit of an explanation.

By the time I decided I really did want to try SXSW again, all the panels were filled up, passes were hard to get, and travel/lodging was almost all tapped out! At the same time, Etsy was talking about what our presence at SXSW was going to look like. I found out we were getting a space (Venue 222, 222 E. 6th street) for 2 full days (Saturday and Sunday). After some feeling sorry for myself, Amy Hoy came up with a great idea: A micro-conference.

It turns out, the idea was a winner (and inspired by some stuff Kellan and Chad saw last year as well)! So check it out:

I’ll be presenting on Deployinator. I’ll also be presenting alongside my co-workers and friends Chad, Kellan and Mike Brittain. We’re gonna attempt to brain-dump (in an entertaining way, of course) the engineering spirit that makes Etsy so unique.

But what about Worst Website Ever?!

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the most interesting and fun thing I experienced at SXSW’08 was Andy Baio’s non-panel: Worst Website Ever. When Andy told me he was reprising the presentation again this year, it solidified my desire to get down to the conference.

Through a series of really strange events, not only am I going to get to experience it… I get to pitch *my* idea as well! As nerdy and specific as it is, this is truly a dream come true.

This South By should be amazing.

Please come say hi if you see me out and about or come see something I’m participating in.

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