Getting github emails on organizational projects

First a disclaimer: I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but figuring this out allowed me to get the behavior I wanted, so I’m posting it here in case it helps someone out!

At Etsy, we’re doing our best to be active participants in open source software. As such, we have a github organization account: and an active engineering blog

We’ve got everyone at etsy (who is on github… and srsly, who ISN’T?) in one “Team” under the organization. Now, I’m not sure if all messages for all projects are going to some blackhole we’ve set up, or if they don’t come at all, but the end result was that I wasn’t seeing pull requests and issue notifications for projects I wanted to (like deployinator, statsd, etc.).

Here’s how I took care of it: I made a team per project, named after the project and added myself to that team. I attached the project to that team. Here’s what it looks like:

Teams for projects on github

Now I get emails for all the stuff I care about!

2 thoughts on “Getting github emails on organizational projects”

  1. We do that with the Mozilla organization both to minimize the amount of spam (I don’t care about pull reqs in 90% of our repos) and for access control, since we have over 100 repos and members.

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