Quick Hack: Pinterest Chrome Extension


Between Kellan’s Post and my own exploration in native app sniffing (which I’ll talk more about in an upcoming post), I found myself using Pinterest quite a bit. And as I found stuff I wanted to pin, I kept right-clicking on images and expecting a “Pin it!” button to pop up. Which it never did. So, instead of complaining (or even looking too hard, what’s the fun in that?), I wrote it.

Try it out

Here’s my extension: Pin it!. It’s really really simple. All it does is add an action to the context menu for images you find on the internet. Once you hit it, it pops up Pinterest’s awesome bookmarklet adding screen so you can pick what board to put it on and off you go.

Make your own

I’ve put the code up on github. Please go hack it. Or better yet, make your own Chrome extension that scratches your own itch. The only way we can own the future is to create it ourselves.

(No, seriously, go make your own, the code that isn’t boilerplate in this project is about 10 lines long…. check it out)