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I must be dumb.

It has taken me almost 10 years to “get it”. Way back in 96-97, I started with ASP(Active Server Pages), on a project for PBI(Pacific Bell Internet), written by Silknet Software. It was a really nice piece of kit that did web-based customer service. They chose ASP, well, because it was the only choice.
The part I didn’t “get” until now was the first part of MVC(Model View Controller). Their seperation of logic and layout was non-existant, but they did have what they called “Business Objects” that were COM(Component Object Model), written mostly in C and VB. The gist of the story is this — I realized how powerful it is to have all your logic in one place that is clearly apart from ANY “day to day” logic. What made me realize this? “Rails”: and thinking about how difficult it is going to be to move to our new POS system at work. I need to start making objects :/

Google Maps Redux

Welp, google has relased their Google Maps API. It’s VERY nice. The code to draw my runs has gone from about 230 lines, down to about 100. But logically, it’s MUCH better.

the only problem I’m hitting is this – before I was generating the polyline myself, so google just had to draw it. Now, however, there is a GPolyline object that draws lines for you – much easier to code for, MUCH slower.

I’m sure this is a solution, and I’ll post it here when I find it.




Turns out I was mostly being dumb. If I had red the example source more closely, I would have seen you can put the points in an array and throw that to GPolyline… duh!
Cleaner, and faster, what more can you ask for?

BIG problems.

I got an email from Stewart this morning (he wrote it last night while I slept). Saying that my api key was disabled – and lo – it was!
Turns out, something got b0rked or pw3nd or any other code you’d like to call it, and I was hitting flickr‘s servers about 50x/second – NOT GOOD.

I’m still looking into the problem. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.