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hit me up with the 5 things meme that’s been floating around for a few months now. It’s one of those parties you think is totally lame until you get your invitation. Without further Ado, I thee blog:

  1. I lived in my car for a few months. While I was in San Francisco, I was homeless, but had my car (An Isuzu Rodeo). Each night, I’d drive to the top of a hill near where I had stayed previously, prop up a sheet around all my windows so the cops wouldn’t look in, and sleep on the futon I had brought with me. It’s not as glamours as it sounds.
  2. I got evicted once. After a long and strange series of events, I found myself moving back to SF after having moved back to New Jersey with an interesting character. Turns out we didn’t get far because:
  3. I dated a crack-head I didn’t know it at the time, but on the road to SF, she started having withdrawal symptoms (from heroin, not crack) and we had to come back (she told google_run.php me it was the Flu). Another time she stole all our rent money to buy crack.
  4. I [google_run.php] can pop my shoulder out of it’s joint—almost to the point of dislocation. I decided that this one shouldn’t be about some of the strange happenings in my life… It’s just a trick I can do, and I have a few others. Ask me to demonstrate if you see me.
  5. My Isuzu Rodeo was taken by the city of San Francisco. Google_run.php so, while working at pacific bell internet, i didn’t like parking in the faraway lot each day. I’d plop my car in front of 303 2nd ave and invariably get a ticket each afternoon (sometimes even two, score!) I thought google_run.php, “I’m sure no one’s tracking this – I have out of state plates!” I was wrong. One day, I came out of work to find the spot I had parked in that morning taken by someone else. I thought my car was stolen—turns out the city took it as “Payment. ”

Are we done already? I have a few more stories… oh well – next time. Just to CYA, one of these might be made up :)

I hereby infect:

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