• Meta | ateM
    This blog. I’m currently #423 in the world according to technorati. The site is running WordPress 2.01, with the K2 Theme. The image up top was found via flickr – Here is the original
  • Spell with flickr
    This was my only run-in with near fame. I used the Flickr API to create a tool that takes words / letters and spells them out with images from flickr
  • Six Pack by Summer
    My “get in shape by summer” blog. I’ll be giving away $1,500+ if I don’t get a visible six pack. Want some money?
  • Fold an Origami Star
    A site I made to show people how to make origami stars. I’m kind of obsessed with them right now.
  • Tag My
    A tool to write out anything you want in graffiti, then put that image anywhere you want (like myspace).
  • Wii Genie
    The Wii Genie answers (or not) your Nintendo Wii related questions. Most of the site was written in two days by me in Ruby on Rails, The design was split among three people (me included). The marketing is totally out of my hands.
    A tool I made for myself, and quickly grew into something that some friends have used. It is a way to track anything quantifiable. I’ve used it for pushups, pullups, situps, weight, hours on projects… Free to all.
  • Acts of Marketing
    Soon to live at (as soon as textdrive upgrades my account).
    A place to track all “acts of marketing” relating to you or your business. A lot of times, getting the word out about you/your business is the hardest part. This makes you accountable to yourself.
  • Greasemonkey Scripts
    A collection of random greasemonkey scripts.



  • Google Runs (broken until I get it working with the new API)
    This was me hacking around with Google Maps. Now that they’ve released an API to it, it is broken, and will NOT be fixed in its current state. I am working on expanding it into a public-use GPS mapper (for runs / bike rides, etc).
  • \WWW::Scraper::Gmail
    This is (was) a Perl Module for getting at gmail. It quickly broke due to changes in their transport methodology. It’s for the best – they were unhappy with some of the gmail hacking that went on.

its a mirror… get it? Erik Kastner’s blog.